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Testimonials for UpThink

UpThink brought the Health and Wellness Improv Program to the residents of our senior community. It helps their mental agility and provides great enjoyment. Thank you, for bringing so much happiness to my residents! We are so lucky to have you. They were laughing and talking about the class all week long! You are so awesome to do this for a group of people who really need light and fun in their lives. Thank you, again!
-- Pat Guerrero, Director of Activities, White Sands Senior Living Community


I attended the Improv For Business Course at UpThink. The experience went far beyond my expectations. Improv was suggested to me shortly after my election to Town Council. Being an effective motivator is key to fulfilling campaign promises. I quickly embraced the Improv concept of spontaneity. Ms. Taj has a way of making the work feel so inclusive and productive that you want to participate. Being able to react quickly to so many variables while speaking was a gift this class gave me. You come away with the ability to be confident and flexible in the line of fire. Four years later, I was elected Mayor and I know my Improv skills were helpful in getting me there. I am very thankful to Ms Taj for what I learned and would highly recommend her unique and creative training methods.
-- Sandy Decker, Former Mayor of the Town of Los Gatos, Calif


I was a participant in the UpThink Course for Career Enhancement. The class taught me the expansiveness of the mind and to not underestimate myself. As a sales professional, I realized that I was done with old scripted answers. I learned that unexpected levity can achieve more than a hard sell ever will.

My first class made me deftly aware of how important listening is in business and relationships. I can be self conscience when needing to be “on stage”. When I noticed how Athena could get other participants to be so mentally agile and uninhibited, I was in! My career is dependent upon creating new relationships. Taking the Improv approach of "Yes and…" has made my listening skills keen and helped me to better understand my client's needs.

On a personal level, I found the course changed my perspective on many things. It helped me appreciate others' contributions, be less judgmental and more accepting of new ideas. I even found the course physically beneficial as movement would sometimes be used to inspire different ways of thinking. As our group worked together, I noticed that participants would immediately arrive with their guards down, making it a safe place to learn and create. The exercises are fun, instruction is clear, and the class adapts well to the level (or levels) of the group. UpThink makes learning new life and work skills a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
-- Rand Allen: Sales Associate, Ascent Realty


I have successfully collaborated with UpThink founder, Athena Taj, on business projects for over twenty years. I recently brought UpThink in on an Executive Coaching project I was doing in Southern California. The business leader I was working with needed coaching for a division manager. This manager was prepping for a critical presentation to the Board of Directors. This board meeting was expected to be very challenging and the manager had to be at peak performance. I immediately thought of UpThink and Athena for this task. Her Business Coaching is like no other methodology for both public speaking and organizing presentations. UpThink was brought in last minute, having to quickly ramp up on meeting content and company goals. But they made it work, flexing around tight time schedules and bringing everyone’s needs to the table. In the end, the manager did an outstanding job in front of the Board. Additionally, he took the skills he learned at UpThink into his regular division meetings, making them far more creative and productive.
-- Frank Del Fiugo, Managing Director, Del Fiugo Consulting


UpThink has what it takes to move an organization from being good to great. With both the individual and organizational services, they cover the full range of culture shifting tools to develop your staff, their teams and the entire business.

In comparison to other organizational change approaches, UpThink is truly unique in its positive and effective methodology. Bringing the UpThink techniques into management thinking and subsequently employing those methods throughout the organization would be a key way to shift your organization to a passion-driven, performance-focused, creative and fun place to work.

-- Brian DeMeulle, Executive Director - Information Technology Services, UC San Diego


I used UpThink for Personal Development Coaching. I wanted to better format my life-long goal of screenwriting. I worked with Athena Taj on this project. Her spirited, self assured and supportive coaching freed me of the butterflies in my being, not just in my stomach. Whereas I would often hesitate with my actions and words, I now react to social and work situations with composure, spontaneity and confidence. As a screenwriter, I no longer ponder over my scripts but allow my characters to take me where they will go. When I speak in public, I no longer worry about perfection but take pride in my strengthened ability to express myself effectively, with passion and humor. Athena’s leadership is inspirational. She makes me feel…"I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!"
-- Ellen Nemiroff Ph.D, Psychologist